Medicinal Properties of Turmeric


Turmeric is a perennial herb 60 to 90 cms high. It has short stem and raised or lifted branches.

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Turmeric has been mentioned in early Sanskrit works. Turmeric is a native of Southern-eastern Asia. An analysis shows that it consists of 13.1% moisture, 6.3% protein, 5.1% fat, 3.5% minerals, 2.6% fibre and 69.4% carbohydrates. Its mineral and vitamin contents are calcium , phosphorus, iron, carotene, thiamine and niacin.

Properties:- Turmeric has many medicinal virtues. The essential oil rhizome is aromatic, stimulant and a tonic. It is useful in relieving flatulence. Turmeric is very useful intestinal antiseptic. The rhizome, its juice or dry powder, mixed in butter milk or plain water is highly beneficial in intestinal problems, especially chronic diarrhoea. The juice of raw turmeric mixed with a pinch of salt is considered an effective remedy for expelling worms. Turmeric being rich in iron is valuable in anaemia. A teaspoon of raw turmeric juice mixed with honey is taken everyday in the treatment of this condition. This herb is beneficial in the treatment of measles. Turmeric roots are dried in the sun and ground to a fine powder. Turmeric is an effective household remedy for bronchial asthma. A teaspoon of turmeric powder with a glass of milk twice or thrice daily is very effective.

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"It is also often misspelled (or pronounced) as tumeric. It is also known as kunyit (Indonesian and Malay) or haldi in some Asian countries.

Its rhizomes are boiled for several hours and then dried in hot ovens, after which they are ground into a deep orange-yellow powder commonly used as a spice in curries and other South-Asian cuisines, for dyeing, and to impart color to mustard condiments. Its active ingredient is curcumin and it has an earthy, bitter, peppery flavor and has a mustardy smell.

Sangli, a town in the southern part of the Indian state of Maharashtra, is the largest and most important trading centre for turmeric in Asia or perhaps in the entire world."

Recipes using Turmeric

  • Ingredients:
    1. Cabbage- 250 gms- Cut into large chunks
    2. potato- 2 large cut into lengthwise pieces
    3. fish- 4 pieces- Rahu will be good or Katla
    4. Fenugreek seeds- A pinch
    5. Ginger Paste- 1 tablespoon
    6. Garlic Paste- 1tablespoon
    7. Turmeric- 1 1/2 tablespoon
    8. salt to taste.
    9. Oil - 3 tablespoon.
    10. Beans- 100 gms cut into 1" pieces 

    Fist put oil in pan. Heat it well. then fry the fish pieces well till golden brown. Keep the fish pieces aside. Keep the oil on pan itself. Now add the vegetables . fry them in low heat. Add the fenugreek seed. Add the ginger, garlic paste and fried fish pieces. Add water and salt. Now add turmeric. Cover the pan with a lid and cook till all the vegetables are done. 

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